Sunday, November 22, 2015

When I look to the sky there are changes in the wind

When I look to the stars in San Diego I see horse heads ~ representing Montana. 
When I look at the clouds in Montana I see panda bears representing my grandchildren in San Diego. 
When I close my eyes I see are marble designs, when wake up I can’t wait to bring them into the real world. 

And Sage Cottage 406 is coming soon.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mastering the MIB

I have been trying to perfect my marble skills with the help of my wonderful marble sensei and husband. It is trickier than it looks to get a marble round with no boo boos. I have also been making my own murrini’s to add interest to my marbles. Did I mention this is all with Borosilicate glass? After upgrading my safety glass for Boro and higher heats I purchased Kevlar sleeves and tight leather gloves. This allows me to become one with the flame.  I think this marble is the most complex and beautiful thing I have made since I started in 2002. Can’t wait to see what to make more.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November walk in the Garden

This morning as I walked around our yard/garden I marveled at the beautiful colors of this November morning after a light dusting of snow. If you can image what fresh snow smells like ~ it is so clean and fresh like no other sent Mother Nature creates.
Have a beautiful day.

Friday, November 6, 2015

November sugar coated mountains.

This morning we woke up to a light dusting of snow on the Bitterroots.
What a beautiful morning.  O - btw- this is our back yard.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Making a soft glass marble.

Making a soft glass marble

One of my favorite this to do is making marbles. I use both Boro and Italian soft glass to make them. This video is me making a marble using Italian soft glass. This is tricky, soft glass has a higher expansion and contraction rate and one cannot dink around outside the flame with it too long or the piece one worked so hard on will crack or explode ~  depending on the dink around time and the mood of the torch gods.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Just horse - shoeing around.

I love combing metal work with my glass. Horseshoes have always been around in my life. I love horses. 🐎

Bill making one of his stunning pendants

Bill and his awesome and mad skills

Have fun and kids don't try this at home ~ go to your neighbors and try it LOL

In the Beginning and how Bill and Rae ~ became “Bill & Rae”

A Marble and Glass Rose ~ by Rae

I met Bill in 2002 ~ he showed up on my doorstep and instead of a box of candy and flowers he gave me a marble and glass rose. That was it ~ he won me over on the first date. I lived 250 miles away from him and would drive to see him every weekend. In the summer he would sell his glass art and marbles at the “Saturday Peoples Market” in Missoula Montana ~ this was a new world for me. I loved working the booth with him and getting to know all the wonderful people. The place was like a carnival and we were the Carnies.

That year he also sat me down at the torch and showed me the wonderful world of hand blown glass and taught me how to play with fire. He had been doing this full time since 1993. This torch thing not only sparked the artistic side / right brain in me but the technical side left brain. My background is Chemical Engineering and this fit nicely into thermal dynamics and unique science I love. Man don’t get me started on the c

ool amorphous solid state of glass.

In April of 2003 I gave up the corporate life and weekly 250-mile drive and moved to the Bitterroot Valley in the wilds of Montana to be with Bill. Our relationship started with the love of glass, science, high-fidelity audio and road trips. We can talk for hours about all of these things and never get tired of it or run out of things to say. We are true geeks and defiantly stardust from the same distant star.